The Berlin GOOA


The Berlin GOOA (Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards), encapsulate the multi-year of collective knowledge and expertise of high-profile scientists, food tech pioneers, and key business players, setting the standards for a credible, transparent, and trustworthy global olive oil competition.

Our aspiration is the Berlin GOOA Awards to become synonymous with the excellence and quality recognition competition in the olive oil industry, offering a prestigious European award with Global Reach.

Why Berlin GOOA Awards

The Berlin GOOA offers an excellent and significant opportunity to olive oil producers to enhance the communication, visibility, and awareness of the olive oil brands. In addition, we strongly believe will greatly strengthen brand differentiation, targeting sales increase and expansion in multiple geographical locations and food markets.

Our pledge is the samples will be evaluated by top-class food scientists and experts in the olive oil and gastronomy industry, preserving the highest level of transparency.

The Awards

#1 Quality Olive Oil Awards

Any Extra Virgin Olive Oil is qualified to participate in this session.

#2 Organic Olive Oil Awards

Only Extra Virgin Olive Oils from organic farming are qualified to participate in this session.

#3 Flavoured Olive Oil Awards

Any condiment of olive oil with any flavouring or blend of flavourings could be part of this session.

#4 High Polyphenols Olive Oil Awards

Extra virgin olive oils with high polyphenol content as measured with the only standard method so far of International Olive Council (COI – HPLC method) will participate in this session.

#5 EVOO Stars Innovation Awards, by Berlin GOOA

For the EVOO Stars Innovation Awards, we examine the final product according to the five (5) general consumer expectations: Pleasure, health, convenience, physical and ethics.

Also, drivers of innovation can be divided into 5 trends.

Pleasure:  Sophistication, Fun, Variety of senses, pleasure, Exoticism

Health: Vegetal, Natural, Medical

Physical: Energy well-being, Slimness

Ethics: Solidarity, Ecology

Convenience : Time saving, Easy to handle, Nomadism

#6 EVOO Stars Design Awards, by Berlin GOOA

In an economy driven by consumers, the traditional viewpoint of packaging is not effective either for the consumer or the business. Instead of focusing heavily on production only, effective packaging should be considered from the following three viewpoints:

1.Viability, i.e. maintainable and enabling brand development
2.Feasibility, i.e. practical and realizable
3.Desirability, i.e. enticing to consumers.

For the Design & Packaging Olive Oil Awards the following are examined :

Brand Identification, Shelf impact, Messaging Communication, Aestheric Appeal, Graphic Elements, Placement, Logo, Legibility, Readability, Brand Perception, Product Perception, Confusions, Misidentifications, Impact of Color, Flow of Innovation, Comprehension, Brand Recall

The public vote counts 30% of the overall score of the Design & Packaging Award. 70% of the overall score is becoming from the Panel Leaders of the Packaging & Design Competition.


The Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards Scoring Scale

Platinum award: 73 -89 An excellent and unique  Olive Oil

Gold award: 57 – 72  A spectacular Olive Oil

Silver award: 41 – 56 A well-made Olive Oil

Bronze award: 25 – 40  A decent Olive Oil

Marketing and Promotion Activities

In Berlin GOOA, we focus to the real needs of our clients and business partners and we are committed of constantly expanding and enforce our marketing and promotional penetration of our services to the geographical locations we target of expanding our activities. We feel this is the right way to enforce our presence and visibility of our Awards as well as the digital media services we offer.

For that reason, we are focused on investing in new technologies and enforcing even further our relationship with our regional and local media partners in order to strengthen our position as a leading specialized media service provider in the olive oil industry.

Sales and Media Hub 

An important part in our effort and vision to transform our organization to a contemporary media service provider in the olive oil market is the introduction to our digital services portfolio of the 

The is a multi-purpose product communication hub. More specifically will be used as index and communication point for our awarded olive oils brand and also as a marketplace hub for our awarded olive oils. Click here to find more information


Award Categories

In Berlin GOOA 2020, we introduced six (6) awards categories offering excellent recognition to the olive oil producers who participated and competed on our competition via a credible and transparent assessment process 

Aiming to respond to the highest degree of responsibility and commitment before our clients and business partners for designing and offering smart and effective solutions, we have taken the significant decision to introduce two core and distinct award categories for the second year (BerlinGOOA 2021) competition period.  

From now on, the Berlin GOOA Awards, will retain the award categories which are related to the Quality and Organoleptic Assessment Process and we also introduce a Brand New Award,  the EVOO STARS AWARDS which has exclusively designed to grant awards in the field of Design, Innovation and Product communication.

We strongly believe this vertical segmentation of our awards is necessary and will deliver greater clarity, efficiency, direct penetration and understanding of our awards to the global professional and retail food community. 

The two core award Brands (the Berlin GOOA and Evoo Stars Awards) will work in autonomous and supplementary form, blending but also keeping their own distinct character, thus providing a powerful mixture of excellence and recognition to our olive oil producers. 

The Assessment Model 


A significant development in our organization is related to the assessment model of the olive oils. Our executive team, having practiced for years the mainstream assessment method, has taken the critical decision that now is the best time to change and introduce a more efficient, dynamic, flexible, and transparent assessment model.

Our new assessment model will be based on the Hybrid Structure which means that all the assessed samples will be evaluated both indoors and remotely from our highly skilled with multiyear of experience olive oil testers.

So, what does the Hybrid Model really means, and what is changing and what remains the same with regards to the assessment process?

From this year’s Berlin GOOA 2021, a smaller group of professional olive oil tasters and product evaluation executives will gather in different locations including Berlin in Germany (hosting location), and will be responsible to conduct the assessment process.  In addition, the second group of professional testers will be able to participate and conduct the assessment process entirely remotely. The introduction of the hybrid assessment model will provide greater flexibility to our organization on addressing sudden events and will contribute positively to the timely scheduling and implementation of the competition.  Also, it will help us to collaborate with the best olive oil testers from across the globe which may choose to participate entirely remotely in the evaluation process.

We have meticulously examined the transparency side of the assessment process and we have decided to introduce additional rules to enrich further the already high level of security and transparency of the evaluation process.

These will include:

  • The olive oil samples are presented to the judges for blind tasting unbranded into blue and/or red glass cups in a random order
  • We store and prepare the olive oil samples according to the COI method
  • We have introduced two more different levels of blind assessment, apart from the regular tasting. Cross tasting of samples in the second group of judges and repetition of the same sample from the same group of judges that performed the first tasting
  • The Juries have zero prior knowledge of the product’s brand name and/or other sensitive information and the scoring method is been made securely using our online proprietary rating platform where each jury send its own score for each assessed product

Covid19 Our Actions 


As the Covid-19 pandemic resurges something that affects people lives globally, disrupting the economic and business activities with the result of creating economic hurdles and social disruption, we want to make sure and inform our business partners and clients that we have taken the right decisions and we have done the necessary arrangements,  in order our business operations to continue their course smoothly. For making sure that our activities will not be disrupted and to minimize any potential obstacles arise, we have taken the following necessary actions.

  1. Hybrid Assessment Model

We are the first olive oil award organization in the market which has introduced a unique and progressive assessment model of the olive oil samples, which provides the necessary flexibility and absolute transparency of the olive oil samples evaluation process. In essence, we are able to evaluate the samples both indoors in our predefined locations in Athens and Berlin while also we will be able to conduct the process remotely collaborating with all of our olive oil testers fully online via our advanced communication and scoring system online platforms.

  1. Proprietary Scoring Platform

Our team has developed a unique and state of the art scoring platform which allows the results to be recorded by the testers online during the evaluation process and published in real-time. Our platform will provide us great flexibility first because we make sure that the results will be published in a secure platform with great transparency. Also, because we do not rely to external vendors, and therefore we can add features ad hoc offering greater agility depending on the issues we want to address.

  1. Olive Oil Samples, Shipping Process, and Storage

We have teamed up with some of the greatest freight and storage companies to ensure that the samples will be transported and stored properly. Despite the disruption of the market activity during the first wave of the pandemic, the transportation industry in a great degree has continued its seamless operation. Our transportation partner DHL can ensure that your olive oil samples will be transported safely and delivered on time.

For more information please contact us.

  1. Continue support by our team

Our team will be always available to help with any inquiries you may have. We have added more staff to our messaging operations to handle requests while we have extended the operation of our messaging reply service beyond the 9-5 GMT, in order to be able to handle and respond to as many enquires as possible.

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