Northern Hemisphere

Registration Begins: October 1, 2023

Registrations Ends: April 30, 2024 

offer by May 31, 2024


Southern Hemisphere

Only for Countries : Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

Registration Begins: October 1, 2023

Registrations Ends: Septemebr 30, 2024

Northern Hemisphere | Berlin GOOA

The Berlin GOOA

The Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards organization encapsulates the collective knowledge and expertise of high-profile scientists, food tech pioneers, and key business players over a multi-year period, establishing the standards for a credible, transparent, and trustworthy global olive oil competition.

Our global olive oil awards event has earned a reputation for excellence and the best use of scientific and business practices. Also, we are upholding the highest standards of integrity and team ethical principles. We offer a truly prestigious European olive oil Award with Global Reach.

  • Berlin GOOA established in 2020.
  • 3500 + olive oil brands registered and judged.
  • Dynamic presence in social media with + 9.2 million impressions.
  • Marketing campaigns reach over 2 million unique users.
  • Registered olive oil brands increased by 30% year on year.
  • Social media engagement is 3.4x higher than the average of any Olive Oil Competition in the globe*

The Berlin GOOA provides an excellent and significant opportunity for olive oil producers to improve brand communication, visibility, and awareness of the evoo brands.

In addition, we are confident that Berlin GOOA will significantly strengthen the brand differentiation of the awarded olive oils, aiming to raise interest and help producers on their effort to expand into new geographical and food markets.

We guarantee that the olive oil samples will be evaluated with the utmost transparency by world-class food scientists and expert olive oil tasters, adhering to strict and inviolable tasting/assessment rules and procedures.

In Berlin GOOA, we have introduced six (6) awards categories offering excellent recognition options to the olive oil producers.

The two core award Brands (the Berlin GOOA and Evoo Stars Awards) will work in autonomous and supplementary form, blending but also keeping their own distinct character, thus providing a powerful mixture of excellence and recognition to our olive oil producers. 

#1 Quality Olive Oil Awards

Any Extra Virgin Olive Oil is qualified to participate in this session.

#2 Organic Olive Oil Awards

Only Extra Virgin Olive Oils from organic farming are qualified to participate in this session.

#3 Flavoured Olive Oil Awards

Any condiment of olive oil with any flavouring or blend of flavourings could be part of this session.

#4 High Polyphenols Olive Oil Awards

Extra virgin olive oils with high polyphenol content as measured with the only standard method so far of International Olive Council (COI – HPLC method) will participate in this session.

#5 EVOO Stars Innovation Awards, by Berlin GOOA

For the EVOO Stars Innovation Awardswe examine the final product according to the five (5) general consumer expectations: Pleasure, health, convenience, physical and ethics.

Also, drivers of innovation can be divided into 5 trends.

Pleasure:  Sophistication, Fun, Variety of senses, pleasure, Exoticism

Health: Vegetal, Natural, Medical

Physical: Energy well-being, Slimness

Ethics: Solidarity, Ecology

Convenience : Time saving, Easy to handle, Nomadism

#6 EVOO Stars Design Awards, by Berlin GOOA

In an economy driven by consumers, the traditional viewpoint of packaging is not effective for either the consumer or the business. Instead of focusing heavily on production alone, effective packaging should be considered from the following three viewpoints:

1.Viability, i.e. maintainable and enabling brand development
2.Feasibility, i.e. practical and realizable
3.Desirability, i.e. enticing to consumers.

For the Design & Packaging Olive Oil Awards the following are examined :

Brand identification, Shelf impact, Messaging Communication, Aestheric Appeal, Graphic Elements, Placement, Logo, Legibility, Readability, Brand Perception, Product Perception, Confusions, Misidentifications, Impact of Color, Flow of Innovation, Comprehension, Brand Recall

Platinum award: 96 -100 An excellent and unique  Olive Oil

Gold award: 91 – 95  A spectacular Olive Oil

Silver award: 86 – 90 A well-made Olive Oil

Bronze award: 81 – 85  A decent Olive Oil

Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards 2024 - Olive Oil Competitions

The Berlin GOOA Guarantee

The assessment model we follow is unbiased and transparent and the evaluation results act as a global benchmark of quality, providing a clear guidance on what to purchase and consume.

The Assessment Model 

The olive oil samples are evaluated by our expert tasters and food scientists at an indoor organoleptic gathering event in Berlin – Germany.

The assessed olive oils are triple verified at Berlin GOOA. We conduct an extra scientific evaluation of the samples for internal use only in collaboration with Multichrom Lab, the leading and certified chemical and organoleptic analysis of olive oil laboratory.

These will include:

  • The olive oil samples are presented to the judges for blind tasting unbranded into blue and/or red glass cups in a random order
  • We store and prepare the olive oil samples according to the COI method
  • We have introduced two more different levels of blind assessment, apart from the regular tasting. Cross tasting of samples in the second group of judges and repetition of the same sample from the same group of judges that performed the first tasting
  • The Juries have zero prior knowledge of the product’s brand name and/or other sensitive information and the scoring method is been made securely using our online proprietary rating platform where each jury send its own score for each assessed product


The Early Registration fees  are the following:

Early Registration by December 31, 2023:

  • € 200 per brand for any award category

  • For any additional Product, the cost is € 165  for any of the six (6) categories of the Awards.

The standard registration fees are the following:

Standard Registration from January 1, to April 30, 2024:         

  • € 250 per brand for any award category

  • For any additional product, the cost is € 175  for any of the six (6) categories of the Awards.

The brand registration is completed online. Please click on the (link)  below to begin.

Registration : Brands Registration 

Need further assistance? Please drop us an email.

Contact Form : Contact us 

The participation fee is paid online at the final step of the brands registration via the Online Registration Form  

We also offer a bank transfer option. For more information, please contact us.

Note: A confirmation of the payment must be made by sending the payment slip to [email protected]

There are NO restrictions on the number of categories the producer will choose to participate.

There is NO MINIMUM production requirement the producer should meet in order to participate on the awards. However, if a producer has a minimum quantity of 1000 kilos or less of a retail labeled product, it can participate in any of the six (6) basic categories.

According to our Berlin GOOA 2024 | Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards 2024 standards in order to participate we need the Basic Analysis for the Olive Oils as described below.

  1. For Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the analysis must include acidity% UV absorption (K232, K268 and DK) Peroxide value.
  2. For the Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil also a pesticide residue report
  3. For High Polyphenols we need the analysis of acidity%, UV absorption (K232, K268 and DK) and Peroxide value

The competition will be held in Berlin, Germany in April 2023. 

Any information regarding amendments to the competition dates will be provided via email.

Shipping Product Samples

All the olive oil samples must be sent to Berlin, Germany, by April 30, 2024.

We collect the samples from January 2 to April 30, 2024.

After the registration and payment are completed, our team will provide the relevant documents and the shipping label form.

If the olive oil samples has not been sent on time, the product will not be eligible for judging.

For each competition category you must submit three (3) olive oil samples.

Bottles (3) of 250ml each

Bottles (3) of 500ml each Bottles (2)  of 1Kg each

The samples must be submitted on the exact same retail packaging

Please note that for the sensory analysis, the olive oil samples are blind tested by the judges.


The participants must ensure that all the olive oil samples will be sent in safe and suitable packaging.

In case of a damaged item, the participant must resend the samples strictly within the deadlines.

For more information, please contact us at [email protected]

Results & Promotion

The results will be published on berlingooa.com  and eliteoliveoils.com Also, the results will be shared with our affiliate media partners.

Having successfully completed the evaluation process the awarded brands will be granted with Electronically  Digital Certificate in Ultra Resolution Printable Format, by the Judging Panel of the Berlin GOOA.

Access will be granted to ALL NEW Berlin GOOA 2024 Winners on April 2024

To help the producers with their laborious task of promoting their brands and achieving their goals, we provide the following marketing materials and solutions to the winners of the competition:

  • The official Berlin GOOA Awards badge for social media and web use
  • Different sizes of marketing posters are to be used at food exhibitions.
  • One post about the winning brand on our social media
  • High resolution badges to be placed on the awarded brand. (Paid solution)
  • Official license of Berlin GOOA Awards badges. Provided in electronic format and is printed by the winner. (Paid Solution)

In addition, all the awarded evoo brands and producers will be presented on eliteoliveoils.com

Promotional Stickers will be provided to the competition winners available to be purchased online on May 1, 2024. The promotional stickers will only be allowed to be placed on the specific awarded olive oil brand and the same year of harvest. A license will be provided.

For the winners who are interested to purchase our stickers, orders will be available on May 1, 2024

The official trophy for Berlin GOOA 2024 will be available for ordering on May 1, 2024.

The winners of Berlin GOOA will receive a certificate in a printable, high resolution electronic only format.

How to make the Best Use of the Berlin GOOA Award.
Send out a press release.
It is frequently overlooked, but it is an indispensable communication tool. So, begin by writing a press release. This will boost your exposure in the industry and help you spread the word about your accomplishment.
  • Start with a headline summarizing your award and highlighting your achievement. Describe the key factors contributing to your success.
  • Provide some background information about Berlin GOOA Awards such as its history and reputation, as well as the criteria for judging. Mention the award you won.
  • Provide essential information about what your customers should expect by buying your award-winning product. Include your contact information, website, and social media.
Use the Berlin GOOA official badges on your social media.
  • We always provide the winners of the competition with our official badges in different formats such as .jpg, .png, for social media use.
  • By using the official badge on your owned social media, you can help promote your achievement and build credibility with your audience.
Use keywords and #hashtags.
  • Identify relevant keywords that are related to your post and that people are likely to search for.
  • The Berlin GOOA has some powerful hashtags that you can use: #BerlinGOOA #BerlinOliveOil #eliteOliveOils
  • Don’t overdo it with hashtags or keywords in your social media posts. As a rule of thumb, try to use no more than three hashtags per post. Otherwise, your post will look spammy and difficult to read.
Constant monitoring of Social Media Activity.
  • It is crucial to interact with your audience on social media by responding to comments, messages, and mentions. This can help you build relationships with your customers and increase engagement on your posts.
  • Repost any post related to the Berlin GOOA Awards on it and add the tag of our organization. Our marketing team on Berlin GOOA Awards reposts and retags posts with beautiful images.
Marketing Materials
To help you promote the award, we provide the following marketing materials:
  • The official Berlin GOOA badge for social media and web use.
  • Different sizes of marketing posters to be used at food exhibitions.
  • High resolution badges to be printed on the awarded product label. (Paid solution)
  • Official license of  Berlin GOOA badges. Provided in electronic format and printed by the winner. (Paid Solution)
Developing a sound social media strategy can result in a big positive return on investment (ROI). Think of it as a vital ingredient of the overall business success.