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 Brands Registration 



How do I register my Olive OIl Samples and complete my registration form?

You may choose to register the Olive Oil Brand using our Online Registration System (ORS) 

Please, click on the orange button below to fill in the online  application, easy and secure.

Support FAQs

You’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions

Still Not Sure?

We are here to help. Please, drop us an email.

#Important Dates 


Early Registration

August 1 – December 31, 2022

Standard Fee Registration

January 1 – April 10, 2023



Shipping Samples Period

February 1 – April 18, 2023

Competition Period

April 17 – 24, 2023

Results Announcement

April 2023

#Registration fee

The early registration fees for the competition are the following:

  • Early Registration:                                  € 200 | from August 1, 2022, to December 31, 2022 per Product for any award category

  • For any additional Product, the cost is € 155  for any of the six (6) categories of the Awards.

The standard registration fees for the competition are the following:

  • Standard Registration:                         € 250 | from January 1, 2023, to April 10, 2023, per brand for any award category

  • For any additional product, the cost is € 165  for any of the six (6) categories of the Awards.

#Shipping Samples

For each award category, the producer must send three (3) olive oil samples.

  • For example (3) bottles of 250ml each or (3) bottles of 500ml each or (2) bottles of 1Kg each

  • The samples must be submitted on the exact same retail packaging.

Where do I send my Olive Oil Samples and what are the deadlines for sending them?

Having first completed the registration and payment, then our team will provide the relevant documents and the Shipping Label Form.

All the olive oil samples must be sent to Berlin, Germany from February 1, to April  10,  2023



Information for Stickers

  • Production Period: 15 days

  • Pack of 1000 Stickers

  • Stickers Quality: We print on bright silver paper with gloss varnish

  • Stickers dimensions: 25mm

  • Is not allowed to produce your own stickers, terms, and conditions apply

  • Mediterranean Taste Awards, is a registered trademark

Stickers License

The promotional stickers can also be offered with a License option per award category.  

The license option is available to the winners of the competition. With this alternative, the winners are granted the right to print the awarded badge with their own means under our graphical specifications. The license will be effective for two years since the date of the competition’s results announcement.


#Results & Producer Account 

Having successfully completed the evaluation process of the registered food products by our Olive Oil Legends, the awarded brands will be granted with Electronically Verified – Digital Certificate in Ultra High-Resolution Printable Format, by the Judging Panel of the Berlin GOOA 2022.

On the Producer Account the awarded companies will have the option to order and to download :

#1 The Berlin GOOA Stickers

The official Berlin GOOA™ Order Stickers Form 

#2 Stickers (high resolution License)

The promotional stickers in high resolution format can also
be offered with a License option. 

#3  Badges & marketing (web resolution) materials to start the promotion of the award.

#4 Certificates

Access will be given to the Berlin GOOA 2022 Winners once the results will be published.

Access will be given to the Berlin GOOA 2022 Winners.

In the current week,  all the winners will receive a direct email to login into the Producer’s Account to download the electronic printable version of their certifications.

 #Stickers by Product

  Available on License only

  • Promotional stickers with a specific product category indication are available in License Option only.  

  • Stickers dimensions: 25mm.

  • Mediterranean Taste Awards, is a registered trademark.

Stickers License

To purchase the promotional stickers by product category, click on the button below.

#Photo Specifications

Section (I)

Producers should provide images of the awarded brands under the following specifications. The main photo should be clearly visible in white background and present the actual awarded product only.

Secondary or supporting photos can be in any background, but should also adhere the photo specifications as referred on Section (II)


Section (II)

The photos must NOT include external logos, badges, texts, watermarks, trademarks, or similar variations which may cause confusion to viewers or create commercial conflict.

The organization preserves the right NOT to Accept photos which does not adhere and violate the stipulated photos specifications.


Please click on the button below to upload your images

#4 social media posts

Four (4) posts are provided on the social media pages of Berlin GOOA, at different times within a calendar year, according to the Berlin GOOA time schedule.


Please click on the button below to upload your images

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