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 We would like to send a very warm #ThankYou, to all the olive oil producers and companies, who have chosen #BerlinGOOA 2021 to register and compete.

#Berlin GOOA 2021

❤️ As we emerge from one of the most challenging and traumatic periods humanity has ever experienced in the contemporary era, testing people’s resilience and faith, it is vital to introspect and reflect, seeking those values and standards that true matters.

The wonderful journey in Berlin GOOA, has started in late 2019, when a team of passionate professionals with common interests, true love for the olive oil, and a continuing quest for progress, decided to introduce their own EVOO Contest, aiming to set the standards for a contemporary, transparent, trusted, and inviolable in terms of the results credibility, global olive oil competition.

🤭 This great journey would not have been achieved without the remarkable and outstanding acceptance that Berlin GOOA endeavour has received by the olive oil producers. In this year’s competition (Berlin GOOA 2021), our assessment team has evaluated 764 registered olive oils from 22 countries.

👉 Having gone through a rigorous and meticulous assessment process, the judging team has decided to grant 557 awards, opening the door for the induction to the sphere of Global Elite Olive Oils of a new high-quality class of olive oil makers.

The awarded olive oils represent a wide range of olive oil varieties and tastes, and this creates a diversity mosaic of olive oil selection, signifying the boundaryless nature of the product.

Our thought also goes and to those olive oil makers who despite their hard work, they were unable to receive recognition for their brands. We would like to send a positive message, that this should not be perceived as a failure but as a significant opportunity to seek and find new ways for improvement of their product.

The awarded olive oils of Berlin GOOA 2021 are featured in the official web place of the winners of the competition at

The journey does not end here. Our team strives constantly to develop smart marketing solutions to assist the laborious task of the olive oil makers to promote their olive oils in the food market.

We will always stand by your side and we will do our best so we can be part of your vision.

☺️ Best wishes,
The Berlin GOOA | Team


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