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Berlin GOOA 2023

April 17 -24 @ Berlin, Germany

Early Registration by December 31, save 50€

Berlin GOOA

Global elite Olive Oils List e-guide

The e-guide will be published in electronic-only format and will be forwarded directly to our list of professional food clients and media partners, which includes food traders, wholesalers, retail shops, etc., in order to further enhance the marketability of the olive oil products awarded by the Berlin GOOA olive oil panel of the Berlin GOOA | Global Olive Oil Awards


The Badges 

Berlin Olive Oil Award
Berlin Olive Oil Award
Berlin Olive Oil Award
Berlin Olive Oil Award

The Competitions

Quality Olive Oil Awards

Quality Organic Olive Oil Awards

Infused Olive Oil Awards

High Polyphenols Olive Oil Awards

EVOO Stars Design Awards, by Berlin GOOA

EVOO Stars Innovation Awards, by Berlin GOOA



Berlin GOOA 2022 

eliteOliveOils | Global List


891 Olive Oils Samples

641 Awarded Olive Oils

28 Countries 

Berlin GOOA 2022

891 Olive Oil Samples

28 Countries

The Berlin GOOA has achieved social media engagement 1.825x higher than the average brands of any Olive Oil Competition in the globe*.

*Metrics : Rival IQ
data: February 2022 – November 2022

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*harvesting olive tree in Italy

Our Team

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The Panel of 27 

15 Countries

Berlin Olive Oil
int sales +44(0) 207 993 6200

Registrations & Media, John Eccles House, Robert Robinson Avenue, Oxford Science Park, OX4 4GP, Oxford, UK

Berlin GOOA|Germany.  Dieffenbachstr 11, 10967 Berlin, Germany